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ExecumaxSM... Your "in-sourced" talent acquisition team!

2009/2010ExecumaxSM is an "in-sourced" executive search firm specializing in diverse mid to upper level management talent for the consumer products, food and beverage industry. In-Sourced executive search is closely aligned to client business strategy and corporate culture. This hybrid approach to traditional corporate staffing and outside contingency search has demonstrated success producing "A Player" Diverse talent at a fraction of traditional search fees. The ExecumaxSM talent acquisition team "knows what good looks like" and where to find it!

We specialize in...

  • Vice President
  • Director
  • Manager
  • and other executive level positions!

As specialists in sales, finance/accounting, supply chain, manufacturing and human resources, we have in-depth knowledge of and access to the top talent within each discipline in the industry.

Contact Information

If you would like to be contacted personally for more information, call or send us an email with your contact numbers and we will respond.

Phone: 850.609.0300
Email: jobs@execumax.com


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