Resume Tips

Our clients use sophisticated on-line applicant tracking systems (ATS) that only accept resumes via email. We therefore recommend all resumes be sent as a word document attachment from your personal email address, with last name_first name.doc as the file name.

Keep in mind that resume tracking software packages are sensitive to various formatting techniques.

The ideal résumé does not look like the traditional résumés you are used to seeing. They are plain, but do not have to look ugly.

Here are a few tips to create an acceptable version that will increase your odds of being noticed:

  • Avoid resume templates that place text into "text boxes". These resumes lose their formatting when placed into ATS and are very difficult for company recruiters to read.
  • Use a font like Arial. A font like Times Roman have "feet" and the scanner may not read it correctly because the text touches each other.
  • Use traditional bullet styles like black circles or squares, nothing fancy.
  • Remove Italics.
  • Make sure you use spaces between dashes and ampersands between the text, i.e. 1990 - 1991, J & M Inc., etc.
  • Always include your personal email address on your resume-it makes it easier to find you after you have made a job move.

Send your resume to:

Email to:

If you are unable to email, we accept resumes via fax at 850.609.0300.

Resume Tips by Execumax.

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