Key Benefits

  • Clients are delighted with Quality service.
  • Rigor around the “Who”.
  • Move from administration to proactively attracting top diverse talent.
  • Maximize ROI for job boards and internet tools through effective and efficient utilization.
  • Known as a “value added go-to” resource for talent.
  • Manage employment brand in the diverse community.
  • Model the way for identifying and attracting talented diversity.

Out/In-Sourced Talent Acquisition Provider

  • Calls “hot” active candidates within 24 hours.
  • Develops “passive” candidate relationships.
  • Drives diversity with over 40 percent diverse candidate slate.
  • Manages external search firm partners as needed.
  • Manages client resources (ATS, web boards).

Hiring Managers

  • Pay low commission fees.
  • Receive screened, interviewed and score card list of 3–5 top candidates within 14 days of entering requisition.
  • Benefit from time to fill of 45–60 days.
  • Overall satisfaction level >95%.


  • Receive timely follow-up to “on-spec” applications.
  • Experience fast-cycle end-to-end recruiting process.
  • Enjoy positive candidate interview experience.
  • Work with highly professional contact at Company
    (especially important for Director and above positions).

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