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Interview Questions you should expect: Your Qualifications

Hiring Managers will want to know what can you can do that someone else can't do. Talented candidates are prepared to articulate qualifications that relate specifically to the position. Talk about new skills or capabilities that you have developed recently, and give examples from a previous job where you've shown initiative. What have been your greatest accomplishments recently? Companies are interested in the business impact you have had and will expect candidates to provide examples.

Your Career Goals

Hiring Managers want to know that candidates are focused. "A players" have thoroughly researched the company, department and specific position they are being interviewed for. They have thought about what they want to be doing five years from now, and can define how they will measure success. Results are important, but companies are just as concerned with how you will achieve success. Be prepared to show examples of getting things done through others.

Your Work Experience

More important than what you have done is what have you learned from your past jobs. Be prepared to talk about your biggest responsibilities or the leadership challenges you have faced. What specific skills acquired or used in previous jobs relate to this position? How does your overall experience relate to this position, and what did you like most/least about your last job?

Your Education

What were your favorite classes/activities at school, and how has your education prepared you for this position? Are you planning to continue your education or enroll in certification programs?

Questions that applicants should consider asking.

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